Taste Masked Granules


Taste is one of the critical parameters governing patient compliance. Undesirable taste is one of several essential formulation problems that are encountered with certain drugs. Oral administration of bitter drugs with an acceptable degree of palatability is a vital issue for health care providers, especially for pediatric patients. Several oral pharmaceuticals, many foods, and beverage products, and bulking agents have an unpleasant, bitter‐tasting component. As a result, any pharmaceutical formulation with a pleasing taste would be preferred over a competitor’s product. This factor translates into better compliance and therapeutic value for the patient and more business and profits for the company. The desire for improved palatability in these products has prompted the development of numerous formulations with enhanced performance and acceptability.



Cefpodoxime ProxetilLevofloxacin
Cefuroxime AxetilNitazoxanide Sodium
Erythromycin Ethyl SuccinateOseltamivir

Note: * Products not available in countries where the patent exists. All responsibility to be born by the customer to check with their respective patent obligations.