Pharma Peak is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company with a team of professionals located in the three countries we provide our services at: Syria, Iraq and Jordan and we are planning to expand to new areas in MENA region.

Why to work with Pharma Peak:

• Our deep rooted relations with the customers and end users in above said countries enable us to create purchase solutions and lead the decision making process by suggesting trust worthy manufacturers.
• Having understood and studied the requirements of each market, Pharma Peak team is capable of setting marketing campaigns and plans that will help the manufacturer to achieve niche progress and boost the presence of their materials in new markets.
• We supply all forms of pharmaceutical services to our customers starting from sending samples for R&D and ending with full containers orders. Our services are based on customers’ satisfaction and trust.

About Us

Our Services

Pharma Peak Pharmaceutical Consultancy offers comprehensive pharmaceutical services and solutions that meet all the various challenges in the fields of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials, Excipients, and other Equipment Supply. The rich experience of more than five years gathered in the area has helped us to become a leader in this space of work. We represent many reputable manufacturers and support in supplying materials.

Our Vision

Our success can only be achieved with the help and support of our valued suppliers. We work hard to boost their share of the MENA markets. Pharma Peak provides a solid business based on a genuine understanding of the market segments and requirements and ensures a long-term relationship with those suppliers.

Our diverse and dynamic team combines market insights with creative vision and in-depth scientific knowledge of multiple therapy areas. We strive to do our best to provide quality services to our clients in the MENA area. Pharma Peak has a professional team to guarantee a smooth and robust communications system to ensure that our client’s inquiries are answered and actioned on time every time.

Our Values

Pharma Peak believes in the values of transparency and reliability, and we do implement those values in our day to day activities. We believe that success cannot be achieved without these values and real efforts, and that’s what we do. We are on a quest to become one of the most reliable organizations in the field of Pharmaceutical Consultancy services, and we are focused on success and determined to achieve our goals.