Aluminium Plain Foil 20 Micron

Aluminium Plain Foil 20 Micron

  1. Specification

Hard temper aluminum foil, dull side with primer for printing, shiny side with heat seal lacquer seal able to PVC and PVDC. The lidding foil can be provided with printing.

  1. Structure (from top to sealing layer)
Primerg / m²0.3±0.1*µm0.3±0.1*
Al Foilg / m²54.0±4.3µm20.0±1.6
Heat Seal Lacquerg / m²7.0±0.7*µm5.6±0.5*
Totalg / m²61.3±6.1**µm25.9±2.5**
Yieldm²/ kg16.3±1.6**   
  • Tolerances within 2s limit ** under consideration of the 2s limit
  1. Aluminium Compound
Pin HolesTechnically free of pinholes.
  1. Data of Individual Components
Outer Side
LA 200PrimerShellac based
Inner Side
LA 400Heat seal LacquerCo-polymerisate of vinyloride and acrylate and polyacryletes
  1. WVYR and Oxygen transmission

Tested the lidding foil regarding:

ASTM F 1249- 90 for water vapor (25° C; 60      % r.h)       < 0.010g /sqm x d = limit of method.

ASTM D 3985- 81 for oxygen (25° C; 100        % r.h)      < 0.005 cc /sqm x d x bar = limit of method.

  1. Storage Conditions

12 months at: temperature 15°C – 35°C; relative humidity 30-70% Rh.

To be stored in the original packaging in a dry place, protected from sunlight and rods.

Clearance Certificate:

The product from this specification to be used for pharmaceutical packaging and only for the appropriate side of the packaging material which comes into contact with the packed products.